Here is a list of my most recent development accomplishments. Please click on any of the images to see the full view.


Website created in MVC 4. EntityFramework 5 Code First development with LINQ.

Sony Retail Loyalty

This website took a team of six people to complete on a very tight deadline. These screen shots represent all of the pages I developed for the website. If you go to the site using the link above you will have to register to see the whole thing.

Microsoft Windows Mobile Training

I was the only developer on this site. It's a subset of WMT called Face to Face. Windows mobile sales personnel use the site to exchange pictures and get to know the other sales reps across the world.

GRKV of Vancouver

Developed this website for a local karate dojo. Very simple elegent design. The client decided not to the use the design. Since I put in a great amount of time in this I wanted to at least put it on my site.


I cleaned up the HTML on this site. All of the product pages had major HTML problems.


I developed this little web app for an engineering company. It's for a sales demo. Basically a user can upload images, fill in description and save it.

Elmers Flag

I worked on this site when I was with WebNW. Back then it was developed in Classic ASP using FoxPro as the database.