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Using Team Foundation Server 2010 Source Control with Visual Studio 2008

by Ezekiel 19. January 2012 11:08


To be able to connect to TFS from VS 2008, you need to install the Team Explorer.

To be able to connect from VS 2008 to TFS 2010, you need to install VS 2008 SP 1 and then the Forward Compatibility Update.

To connect VS 2003 to TFS, you need the MSSCCI provider.


I also opened RegEdit and added the URL to the TFS collection.


Navigate in RegEdit to -



Create a new string key.

Name it the name of the server you are trying to connect to.

Double click the new key and enter the URL.


Enter URL to TFS collection -




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Team Server Foundation | Visual Studio

How To Delete Old Team Foundation Server Work Spaces

by Ezekiel 8. February 2011 07:13


To delete old workspace in tfs -

1. Open vs2010 command prompt
2. tf workspace /delete (workspace name)
3. Yes

If you need to undo pending changes -

1. tf undo /workspace:(workspace name) /recursive $/*
2. Re-run delete command line


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Team Server Foundation